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They are so rude!!!!! And they think everybody wanna steal them for whateverver reason that I don't know!!! *** them!!!!! Add comment

Has made money grams to my loved one for various reasons. Paid doctors fees as well as hospital stay. Was treated for malaria and typhoid fever. After trying unsuccessful to get him home he was beaten and robbed. Another hospital stay and doctors fees. The suddenly I was red flagged due to amounts of transaction s made to my loved one. Now I'm told no more. I'm flagged for good. Read more

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Same as others. Money released with no reference code.. never again. Add comment

Although I do appreciate the services given by moneygram I feel that their fraud prevention is inefficient. The reason I say so is that they are not really preventing fraud. The fact is that they are actually creating news ways that fraud can happen infact making it even more impossible for them to catch actual fraudsters. In the process they are Flagging innocent people for fraud based on the number of people they send money to in fraud flagged countries. And because these countries are flagged senders have to send to multiple people in order... Read more

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tryin to cancel a moneygram with out any success because I have been scamed again try ing to get a puppy thur Pet Finder on the internet. Bought a moneygram gave the reference number and now they want more money for the crate to ship the pet in when the lady I am supposing to be purcashing from said she already purchased a crate. So therefore I guess I'm out of my money seeing there is no way the cancel the moneygram so I can get a refund . Ther should be at least a day to be able to cancel andget a refund back but they don't care they still... Read more

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i understand your concerm about fraud and scaming in certain place and i thank you for that BUT that is where it should STOP when you start PLAYING GOD you are going way to far from looking out for paople . i tried to send a moneygram to my ( BROTHER IN LAW ) in ghana i was yold NO to much fraud when i talk to the person on the phone and explain to her that there is NO NEED TO WORRY OF FRAUD she said that it could still happen THAT WAS VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND VERY DEGRADING OF HER i told her that i know him it is my wife... Read more

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Worst experience every i had. Never gone use money gram again. Just close this money gram waisting people time . Add comment

I have been trying to get my refund from Walmart moneygram for over a year. I sent everything the first time around and they said they sent the refund to the address listed on the money order...why who knows letter attached to money order stated current address. They never call back ever I always have to call them back. They always tell tell that there isn't anything in their system. Thinking of all the interest they have made on the money makes me sick and then knowing the charge a fee to buy them and turn around and charge a fee to get your... Read more

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I had a very similar experience except it was my wife who I was trying to aid. The imbeciles insisted that we were not following the rules or whatever despite the fact that my wife had done nothing wrong, had entered into the web form all the needed details, and I was simply trying to follow up with an email from Moneygram that asked us to call in to provide more information. Despite putting my wife on the line, they were completely rude and useless and worse, conflated and distorted what was happening and insisted that we had somehow run... Read more

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why is it so hard to cash a money order? Money gram uses Walmart who does not cash their money orders. You have to go to a check cashing place which charges you 5% on top of it. Even when you go to a money gram place they will not cash their own products why is this? You call money gram they have no answers but sorry. You should not sell a product if you do not honor it. Sorry but it gets sickening trying to cash your money orders. It is not right that you are double dipping and the consumer is paying for this. You should have locations... Read more

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