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I have been using MoneyGram for years to send money to pay for a number of Kenyan youngsters school fees, books, clothing, school trips, etc.

My last online MoneyGram transaction only part completed - it is showing up on my credit card as an attempted transaction, but the money transfer never happened. I then couldn't log into my account - I kept just getting a screen message that there was a problem and please try later. I raised an email query with MoneyGram asking them whether they are having any system problems, as I have part completed transaction.

I have just received a response email from MoneyGram telling me I am banned from ever using their service again because I have breached their terms and conditions and they will not be telling me which one, so I shouldn't bother to contact them!

I am quite at a loss as to what has triggered this. As far as I am concerned, I have not breached any terms and conditions.

Quite extraordinary behaviour from a major company. I am not prepared to be treated in such an off-hand fashion by any company, especially one that has had so much business from me over the years. Accordingly, I feel that it is my duty to spread word of my experience as a warning to others contemplating using this company.

Their loss - there are plenty of other money transfer companies out there. I am finding that WorldRemit is a rather better provider at present and with lower charges. A win, win for me.

If anyone is having any problems with MoneyGram, I suggest that you find yourself another company to use - there are plenty of others out there on the internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Moneygram International Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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My sister got banned last november when she will get the money. I dont know why.

this is weird we have been using moneygram for sending. What is haooenin?


I believe everyone getting banned on Nov 1st, 2018. I talked with them via chat, and they say their security system closed the account. Go use something else.


I was banned from moneygram and don’t even know why


Same thing happened to me yesterday... And they wouldn't tell me what I did.


The same thing happened to me yesterday. I guess this is standard practice.

Not sure of that makes me feel better or worse. I tried to send money to a friend and got a message that said my account is locked and I should go to a store physically and do this transaction. I tried to do it again online and I got a message that said my online account is closed. I called the 800 number and after almost 40 minutes of different agents asking all types of invasive question to verify my identity, I got a rude guy basically telling my my transaction is suspicious.

This is my money, I have used moneygram for years they took all info about me including my social and now are telling me I cannot use moneygram anymore. The guy was also incredibly rude and practically mocking the reason of my transfer i.e.

I am lying. That jerk should not be in customer service

to BasicHarrier #1576455

I got banned from using MoneyGram too! I have been sending money to in-laws in Russia and the Ukraine.

It’s just small amounts over a long period. I can imagine that their fraud/AML software has picked up on this and imagined it is some sort of money laundering - which it is not.

The money came from my bank account so I don’t know what the issue is. I’m annoyed as MoneyGram is cheaper than WU, but HeyHo!

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