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I have been using MoneyGram for years to send money to pay for a number of Kenyan youngsters school fees, books, clothing, school trips, etc.

My last online MoneyGram transaction only part completed - it is showing up on my credit card as an attempted transaction, but the money transfer never happened. I then couldn't log into my account - I kept just getting a screen message that there was a problem and please try later. I raised an email query with MoneyGram asking them whether they are having any system problems, as I have part completed transaction.

I have just received a response email from MoneyGram telling me I am banned from ever using their service again because I have breached their terms and conditions and they will not be telling me which one, so I shouldn't bother to contact them!

I am quite at a loss as to what has triggered this. As far as I am concerned, I have not breached any terms and conditions.

Quite extraordinary behaviour from a major company. I am not prepared to be treated in such an off-hand fashion by any company, especially one that has had so much business from me over the years. Accordingly, I feel that it is my duty to spread word of my experience as a warning to others contemplating using this company.

Their loss - there are plenty of other money transfer companies out there. I am finding that WorldRemit is a rather better provider at present and with lower charges. A win, win for me.

If anyone is having any problems with MoneyGram, I suggest that you find yourself another company to use - there are plenty of others out there on the internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Moneygram International Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I see this is common practice for MoneyGram because they banned me too. I have only used the service a few times and have never had any issues until now.

I am in disbelief about being banned because I have never been banned by any type of financial service in general. I also asked for a reason and was given the same vague reasons as everyone else. I find it unacceptable!

Yes, I can go and use another service to send money, but just beeping banned when I have not don anything to cause MoneyGram to ban me just does not sit right with me. Sincerely, Upset & Disappointed Consumer


I’m relieved that it’s not only me..I’ve literally come off the phone with them and told that I’m banned but no specific reason mentioned..I’ve used money gram for years and this is bizarre...never experienced anything like it


Had pretty much the same experience in last few weeks, really hard to contact MoneyGram from Ireland. Eventually got s lady in the phone and all she could tell me was my account had been flagged for "security reasons," and the ban was permanent. Dreadful service from and arrogant incompetent company.


I got banned back in 2017 even though I used their services in the store itself. I would physically go down to the moneygram and hand them money.

Since then I have found online websites that have sent my money with no problems. I HATE XOOM too. I have tried western union and ria in person too just to get asked some intrusive questions that really are none of their business. I hope they all go out of business and everyone just stops using them due to their garbage policies.

How do you call yourself a "money transfer service" if you dont want to transfer any money?

I'm done with these companies....I now use sharemoney or wirecash and they dont ask me intrusive questions as of yet and I hope they dont. Whatever I do with MY MONEY IS MY BUSINESS, nobody else's.


My sister got banned last november when she will get the money. I dont know why.

this is weird we have been using moneygram for sending. What is haooenin?


I believe everyone getting banned on Nov 1st, 2018. I talked with them via chat, and they say their security system closed the account. Go use something else.


I was banned from moneygram and don’t even know why


Same thing happened to me yesterday... And they wouldn't tell me what I did.

Fisseha A

The same thing happened to me yesterday. I guess this is standard practice.

Not sure of that makes me feel better or worse. I tried to send money to a friend and got a message that said my account is locked and I should go to a store physically and do this transaction. I tried to do it again online and I got a message that said my online account is closed. I called the 800 number and after almost 40 minutes of different agents asking all types of invasive question to verify my identity, I got a rude guy basically telling my my transaction is suspicious.

This is my money, I have used moneygram for years they took all info about me including my social and now are telling me I cannot use moneygram anymore. The guy was also incredibly rude and practically mocking the reason of my transfer i.e.

I am lying. That jerk should not be in customer service

@Fisseha A

I got banned from using MoneyGram too! I have been sending money to in-laws in Russia and the Ukraine.

It’s just small amounts over a long period. I can imagine that their fraud/AML software has picked up on this and imagined it is some sort of money laundering - which it is not.

The money came from my bank account so I don’t know what the issue is. I’m annoyed as MoneyGram is cheaper than WU, but HeyHo!

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