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I submitted a payment for $500 and after security review they declined it for no good reason. They told me to take cash to one of their locations. They did not request any information to assess whether there was a security risk or not. They must have me on a black list.


My credit score is 720+ and I have no criminal record. There was nothing provided for them to base their decision to decline OTHER THAN MY ETHNICITY AND NAME.


Reason of review: Pissed for bad treatment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I tryed sending money to someone I know and was told that they couldn't pick it up.not happy need to send over 600 pounds before the 12 of this month please help


Doesn't seem like anyone answered your above question comparing it to refusing to serve black people: Restaurant: restaurant location; won't take your money at all; not helpful/informative about where to go; dirty looks; threats to call police/security to be removed; probably facing federal discrimination suits MoneyGram: they took your money at one point; told you where to go to get service; doesn't sound like there were any dirty looks Hope this helps a bit.

to Horseface #1587045

Very helpful, thanks!


Same thing happened here i have been supporting a woman i like and going to go see in uman i tried sending money for washing machine and dryer for children and was declined moneygram felt un safe sending but i sent 100s in the past. I wrote corporate so we will see.


The ethnicity thing could be true they just declined my transactions after uploading my ID , the system said locked my account and transaction declined. I don't know if they see that you're dark skin, automatically they have to deny you. That's very sad.


Same happened with me. My daughter live in Ukraine and I helping her family many years.Since July, 2018 money gram begin rejected my transaction without any explanation .

I'm US citizen, scores above 800, no criminal records.

I think this is discrimination of national origin. We need united and do something my e-[mail: tmedinskaya@cfl.rr.com


Just happened to me. And this is my 1st time using this POS company.

I went to cvs and they got a denied. Contacted MG and dumb rep said to go back and try again. So I sent an email and got this BS response of they deleted my profile and I can no longer use MG.

*** I never used them before and you don’t have to tell me twice b damn if I’ll give them any business. CROOKS

to Ron W #1566679

Same thing happened to me here in New hampshire


i got locked out with no reason.

to Anonymous #1569603

I got locked out for no reason also definitely won't use this company again


All years I used Moneygram for sending money my daughter in Ukraine. Country has very difficult time to restore economics and fits Russian aggression.

People no have jobs. I'm working in US more that 20 years,US citizen, my scores between 800 and 900. Yesterday I was driving between Moneygram locations and cannot send money-transactions were rejected without no reason. Twice I did call to Moneygram , but no have explanation.

Usually I send $300. What this is national origin discrimination?

Service like this must be closed and sued.My online account is blocked. I think, when on our country was terrorist's attacks ,Moneygram service was blind and not closed accounts and not decline transactions of terrorist;s helpers.


I am not black, but I had same situation, my credit is 794, and never had any problem with law, in 2 years through moneygram I sent around $15K, and 2 weeks ago all off a sudden they closed my account, I sent money, they reject transaction and no explanation, All they said use another service your account is blocked.


I just had the same experience today. I am a 71 year old white woman with 800 credit score, a business owner and no record .

My profile was shut down and the transaction denied. The tech said he did not know why....which we all know is ridiculous...if it is denied and shutdown, there has to be a reason.


All this money gram bastards ! Is it money gram or money scam !

You just made me cry this morning ! By GODS grace you will never know peace ! I just lost 600 pounds that's supposed to be used for my moms treatment ! And those *** customers care said there's nothing they can do about it !

As long as the lord liveth you'll never know peace ! You *** twiths


Same happened to me. No good reason for this decline...what is going on?


Same thing happened to me,, i was so upset. First I thought may be my phone number is expired in their system or something.

They tried to renew and filled the form again, but same thing happened..

will never go back to moneygram.. sad

to Preet #1541417

Same thing happened to me..my money gram was close for no reason.they don't return my money back to my account I don't get any reference from them they block my money gram account..


This just happened to me. They cancelled the transaction.

Ive been sending for yrs to my relatives thru walmart to walmart. Did over the walmart limit so I had to send via money gram. Turns out money gram is diffrent and they are an international company...

Im not using that anymore. Sticking with walmart to walmart.The gentlemen I talked to thru money gram was very nice, and he says if you send to much they will cancel the transaction, or they put you on a black list...


The same thing happens to me.

to Anonymous #1511915

I found out your money and info travels to another country. The *** with that ridicoulous that they ask for an SS number. *** nah..Better off with walmart to walmart.No money gram period, there international....

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