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12/29/16 Scenario Last Night 12/28/16: This NIGHTMARE began last night when I visited two separate CVS locations in Clawson, MI to receive expected money. Problems: One location no longer had these services, the other kiosk was down.

I called customer service and was told that the systems would be down for at least another hour. So I figured I'll just wait until the next day to pick it up and give you enough of time to do what you needed to do. Scenario Today 12/29/16. Detroit, MI, I visited the nearest CVS by my work (on my lunch break) and was still unable to complete my transaction - the kiosk was not responding.

I went to a second neighborhood store location and I was told they got rid of your services almost six months ago. I called customer service AGAIN and was given two more locations (GROCER FARM MARKET - #0001 3435 2ND AVE Detroit, MI 48201-2358 and MLK FOOD CENTER 3181 3RD ST Detroit, MI 48201-2237) wayyy out of my comfort zone (to say the least) and neither of them had your services anymore I called customer service AGAIN and asked for a manager. I was on hold for over 30 minutes which exceeded my lunch break and I STILL WAS NOT ABLE TO COMPLETE MY TRANSACTION!!! Each time I spoke with customer service I had to give them my entire history.

My name/the sender's name/transaction #/city/state/zip code of each location I visited - AND - the kiosk #s relating to my inquiry. But, how about…because I was not able to give kiosk #s (because they didn't exist) and/or zip codes of all visiting locations my inquiry could not be resolved!!! Finally after getting of work for the day I visited two more CVS stores in Detroit and again one of the kiosk’s had been down for about six weeks and when I put my MTN in the kiosk (#KS0001432) I received the message that the transaction # was not available. Theresa Smith an employee of that store overheard my frustration in speaking on the phone with your customer service representative and it was SHE who informed me that CVS stores can only pay out $100 of these types of transitions (but you can send more, anytime).

She informed me that in order to get my money I had to go to a payday loan place – or – a bigger chain store with more cash on hand. Not ONE of my various phone encounters with your customer service representatives picked up on that. They clearly saw and verified the money is ready for pick up but each time failed to mention that because of the amount it couldn’t be paid at any CVS (which is where your kiosks are) – and – they was not aware that the so called “alternative payout locations “were no longer valid! This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE - I demand to be compensated for my time, money and efforts for reporting and updating your company on information that you very well should have known about in the first place!!!

However, after reading the comments and posts on your website I do not realistically expect a response from you but PLEASE know that I WILL NOT be doing business with your company in any manner - directly or indirectly anymore! Solutions 1. Find a way to keep your out sources updated. It would seem that if you no longer have business with external companies – that information would reflect as such with your customer service representatives.

2. Inform the customer (either on the receipt, on the kiosk or verbally) that the pick up amount affects where the transaction can be paid out. Just because it’s sent from a kiosk in CVS’s doesn’t necessarily mean it can be pick up there if the payout is more than $100 – CVS’s aint it! 3.

Compensate me in some manner for my disoriented and delayed hunt to get what should have been readily and rightfully mine. Respectfully, Sooo done with MoneyGram!

Product or Service Mentioned: Moneygram Money Order Cashing.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: full refund and complete the solution suggestions.

I didn't like: Customer service not informed of loss locations.

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