Couple of weeks ago got my documents lost I'm now, due to work, leaving at Asheville NC, but came from Connecticut, so I did my driver license renovation true internet and get it on mail, that why I have my old expired license, I ask the money gram if I can use my expired license to get money from my country, I really need those 200 dollars to eat, but seems that it is impossible to do or understand that that things happens in life, so I can not do it, but my problem is that back in my hometown at Guatemala doesn't have other services but money gram to send money. So here I'm still with no money because the lady at CVS treat me as garbage and refused to hear about my case, even when the money gram representative was already activated the code.

I understand that life need rules specially companies as yours but also need to understand that things in life happens and right now I have no other ID but an expired driver license. So can't get the money I need. At least not through money gram. And I sincerely think that you guys won't be able to help me with that issue, at least the lady a CVS, who humiliated me so bad, leave it so damn clear.

I'm sending this just because I feel I have to, no because I feel money gram can really help me. Even if I explain a thousand times my problem, still will ha ve an expired license so bla bla bla...

I can not use your services. Thank you anyway.

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

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