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Wal-Mart, money gram and certegy are all criminals!!! I made a money order for $350 to pay for a document. The document was returned to me due to incorrect amount. I returned to Walmart to cash the money order and was rejected because it didnot meet certegy guidelines. I called money gram who told me, they are not responsible for my money I have to cash it at Walmart. I called certegy and it was a waste of time! The opporator however was very...
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On line request- was approved! " go get your gram thankyou, etc etc on line- Got All my info! I mean ALL personal data! Asked questions on line that only i could answer/ passed everything - website said Approved! Go get the money gram/ And when we did! Store machine said contact cust And i did- Was a 200 dollar gram order Akready approved- Cust service lady asking what is it for? Who is it for? Why she needs it? OMG! Mom? Im a 55 yr old...
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Don't ever in your life get one at Walmart the lady told my girlfriend to fill out the form meaning the MoneyGram then all the sudden she couldn't cash it because it was written on what we brought back the original receipt so then they end up putting something so I can't cash it anywhere if it wasn't a woman behind the counter out of punched him in the *** face this is the reason why I use cash hand don't deal with banks and *** now they...
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My mother sent a moneygram from Walmart in Illinois to me in Indiana on a Saturday. I received it on the following Thursday. I take it to my nearest Walmart where they try twice and fail to cash it.they give me a receipt with a phone number to call.I call the number they tell me to take it to a check cashiers or a bank. I take it to 5th/3rd bank.they have a *** of a time messing with it.comes back flagged by Walmart.they tell me to go back to...
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why is it so hard to cash a money order? Money gram uses Walmart who does not cash their money orders. You have to go to a check cashing place which charges you 5% on top of it. Even when you go to a money gram place they will not cash their own products why is this? You call money gram they have no answers but sorry. You should not sell a product if you do not honor it. Sorry but it gets sickening trying to cash your money orders. It is...
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