I conduct a transaction on February 26, 2020 where I sent some money to Jamaica. At the end imof the transaction I got a receipt that shows how much I've sent and how much the receiver should get.

It was a transfer from my debut card to Scotia Bank in Jamaica. However, when the receiver checked the account, the money was over 12 thousand dollars less than what my receipt showed that the receiver should get. When the receiver called Scotia Bank, the receiver was told that there was no fees taken out and the amount that I sent should be the amount that should be seen in the account. I have gotten an official receipt that showed what was deposited in the receiver's account and indeed ut shows over $12000 less.

I called Money Gram and they also said the receiver should get what my receipt shows. They said that they will have to investigate the matter which can take up to 90 days. Now, I have an issue with that 90 days because its a reason why I used the remittance service which supposed to be an instant thing. The money was sent for emergency purposes so I can't wait for 90 days.

Its my first time using Money Gram and I regret doing so. I will now have to inform all the media houses abt this issue.Stay

User's recommendation: Stay away from Money Gram.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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