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09-26-2016:Account locked since couple months ago due to my forgetting password. tried to resolve the issue for 2 days..gave ALLmy info they needed to reset my account and pass word. They saida code would be sent to my email:From: no-reply.moneygramonline@moneygram.comDate: 09/26/16 10:50:58To: rseabreeze@gmail.comSubject: Account Locked

Dear Rosa,

Your online account has been locked for security reasons. This typically occurs when there are too many failed login attempts.

Please call us at 1-800-922-7146 to help us unlock your account

This message was sent after i called the first time...then they blamedmy email then my computer..then finally after 4th phone call to persons from another country and we had a problem there as well...( understanding each other)they explained system was not working..i really feel i was being made fun of.. this all happened for 3 or 4 hoursof me contacting them for the code to be emailed to me..still no email. so i called this morning and asked for a united states contact...your offices abroad would not provide me with U.S. customer after getting same results as yesterday i told the person to just close my account with your company. that happened rather quickly.....................but in order for me to re-open an account i must use another email account. i feel the whole situation would have been resolved if i had a chance to talk with some one who could speak AND understand the American Language..

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