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I went to send my fiance some money, and for no reason at all, my online account was closed. When I asked why, she said she didn't know, and there was nobody for me to talk to in order to find out, either.

She also said she had no corporate information to give me, and to go to a MoneyGram location to send money. Why would I do that and give them my money for this nonsense? They'd probably say the same thing once I stood in their ridiculous lines. Waste of gas, money, and time.

I've been sending money with this company for years. What's wrong with them? No recourse or appeal department? I'd say their customer service is one of the worst I've experienced.

And, they refused to let me send money to a woman I knew in Africa last year. They have a serious problem. I will never do business with them again ...

even if they resolve this somehow. Isn't there a government agency who deals with complaints like this?

This reviewer shared experience about "closed my online account" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. ReneeFoxx is overall dissatisfied with Moneygram. The most disappointing about moneygram money transfer at Moneygram was closing my account for no reason Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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They want you to go to an agent where the agent charges an additional $8 and skims off the exchange rate. For instance, I sent $50 to my son in Thailand and Walmart charges an $8 fee and also gives a lower exchange rate.

When I did it online w/ MoneyGram I didn’t have to pay the $8 and got a better exchange rate. Now, they cancelled my account and said it was security reasons. I called BS on them. Going to contact BBB and State AG.

Nobody could give me a reason except their security system. ***


*** money gram.. *** closed my account no reasonSons of ***


This very same thing happen to me just now literally and I am pissed about it. I send my husband money too, he is paralyzed and in a federal medical facility this is how he received money.


Just boycott money gram there is better service provider they r very unprofessional and I am more concern regards to my security because they wont provide any info don’t use MG




I completely agree!What an unprofessional, pathetic and frankly, worthless company.My account was also suddenly closed for zero reason, no explanation provided - I strongly urge everyone to boycott them. I regret signing up and will do my best to warn others off them.


absolutely the worst customer service. No supervisor to talk to..rep on the phone was extremely rude and said she couldn't tell me why my account was closed.

Then..hung up. Thanks MoneyGram.


People wake up.. Just boycott Moneygram.Just boycott Moneygram.Just boycott Moneygram.Just boycott Moneygram.


*** Moneygram Very Stupid people . I .


Moneygram idiots talk about system but they don't have a clue what's on


Moneygram and western union both are jerks


I use MoneyGram online to transfer money from my personal Bank in U.S.A to friends and families not in U.S

MoneyGram security closed my online account without any notice or explanations?

I contacted customer services via chat and phone and told me that my account with MoneyGram is closed from security department.

I asked the customer service about my account and they told me the account is closed and I am not allowed to use MoneyGram online services and I have to go to local MoneyGram locations and pay cash.

I asked to speak with supervisor or manager and he told me that there is no supervisor or manager available to speak with me.


MoneyGram account closed and no one can tell me why. Representative said it was for security reasons, but not able to tell me what kind of security reason.

Representative also said that I can not create another online account and would need to go to a physical location to send money. I do not understand this. They have my personal financial information but I can't use the account!!!!!!!!!

That is very weird to me.

Had no idea I would find these many complaints about MoneyGram. Now I'm concerned about them and their security.


I went the BBB route, got an apology, they opened back up my account and gave me a friend send, but you know something? I still haven't used them and doubt that I will.

They keep hiring fools at that company and I'm sick of customer service at many different businesses messing with customers. They don't get another chance to do that to me again!!!!!!


Start at the top by filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Bureau in DC. In California, we have the Department of Business Operations.

If they find the business is conducting unlawful operations, or acting inappropriately, their business license will be suspended.

However, I'd file a complaint, any complaint if you feel you've been wronged and make MoneyGram explain and deny. Hah!

Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom #1121605

My account was closed, after numerous transactions, because my bank is in one country and I in another. Keep in mind, I had made transactions for YEARS!

Yet, they abruptly closed it and would not tell me why.

I can only assume that is the reason. I hope they lose all their customers.


I entered a BBB complaint, and at first, they lied up the ying-yang about asking me for identification information when none of them asked me anything. So, I responded that they were full of it, and nobody knew why they closed my account.

I then got a message back apologizing, opening my account again and giving me a free send. So, whoever the fool was that thought they knew what they were talking about ...

they didn't! Contact the BBB and someone will eventually reinstate your account.


The exact same thing happened to me today! I sent money to another state.

The first time I have used Moneygram in years, it said my transaction was declined because my account had been deactivated. I asked why. They transferred me. I asked why again, to which they said they could not reveal that to me.

Wth? I have money in my account and never done anything fraudulent. Never even sent money outside the us! Not only that the customer service is located in India and can barely understand them!

They told me to go to a service location to send my money.

No way! I took my service to Western Union and will never deal with these shady people at Moneygram again!


Bingo! That's your answer right there..

Africa! You sent up one too many red flags sendin f money to Africa...Moneygram either tagged it or it was found as a scam...because that country is littered with them. Thus causing yourself to be cut off. Stop launderinf money across seas dummy!

They will never marry you.

They will never send you millions of dollars back.They will never make your dreamscome true! Stop being scammed!

to Anonymous #1107030

Who you calling dummy? I hadn't sent anything to that country since early 2015.

My fiancé is in Virginia (USA)! Next response, because this one is irrelevant.

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