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The refund policy really doesn't help the customer. A lost or stolen money order will take moneygram up to 30 days sometimes 60 days to refund your money!And this is another slap in the face of the customer...MONEYGRAM WILL NOT PUT A STOP PAYMENT ON THE MONEY ORDER!..until they have processes the paperwork and refunded your money, but in the mean time your money order is still out there and able to be cashed.

And if cashed that's another delay. Before you buy a moneygram money order. DON'T..just overnite the money or payment, Less stressful and will not cost you the amount of money you are sending ,the cost of moneygram, the postage,plus 37 dollars, you have to pay moneygram to refund a lost or stolen money order. 15 dollars for processing fees and 22 dollars if you want your refund overnited to you.

which could take up to 30-60 days. TO MUCH TROUBLE.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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WOW, does anyone understand the liability that MoneyGram carries when refunds are requested for money orders? I don't blame MoneyGram for taking its time to make sure a money order has not been cashed before stopping payment on it and refunding it.

If the purchase date is within 30 days of the refund, it is understandable that they would not just send you your refund right away.

When you buy a money order, send it, use it right away so you don't lose it. Treat it like cash and you will have a better chance of not being evicted.

to Tammy #1448777

Ok, so why does it take them 10 + days to simply reverse a debit card transaction? I'd say 99% of all other merchants in the world return the money instantly!


Walmart should be ashamed of itself for giving people the run around on a simple form that could be availble at it's customer service centers in their stores. The stores don't even know what to do in most cases that's how dumm Walmart keeps their employees....Please all I want in a money order refund claim form....Susan Kandler...I will let the the stores and all my friends know to shop elsewhere if they can...Walmart you are disapointment. Your online says the fee is one price and you say it is another.

Don't you even know what you charge or is it up to who wants the most at the time.

Irvine, California, United States #1278637

I am a landlord and this is so true. A renter of mine just keeps getting the run around from Money Gram. MG wants $42 to investigate, then $24 for copy of each cashed MO, it goes on and on.

Harvey, Louisiana, United States #1276668

yes would like a stop on a money order purchase the money order num isR206809574257 my cell phone num is 504-237-5806

Fontana, California, United States #1259301

MoneyGram is a joke the operators don't speak goo English and it's hard to understand them , one hung up in my face. F MoneyGram for life

Manteca, California, United States #1202866

This will be the last time I ever use this company. Customer service is horrible, the language barrier is even worse, If you want you're money order cancelled, good luck.the hoops you must jump through is equal to a 10 mile run..John in elko NV


The post office money orders are more expensive to buy initially but they don't charge expensive fees if it's found more than a year after date of issue like MoneyGram and Western Union, or to refund your money.


Purchased 2 Money Orders and lost them in transit. 6-8 weeks to get the refund was the script they kept reading me off, even the supervisors regurgitated the same lines.

Being backed by the federal reserve they could not push the refund any quicker and would not try to do anything to expedite the refund.

Now I have to pay an additional $30 to process the stop payment and refund. (Insert angry face here) 1st and last time I purchase anything from Western Union

San Bernardino, California, United States #1129822

I have money order totaling $600. Payee refuses to except as payment..

Money order already filled out and I want a refund .. What do I do ?

to James1 Manteca, California, United States #1202881

I'm John in Elko NV.you want to know what to do?? So far for me it's been take a foreign language and drink with what's left of you're patience..good luck

to James1 #1448779

Wait a really, really loonnnngggg time!

California, United States #1105350

someone called in as moneygram, i didnt notice it was someone else because i was so busy i got confused and did what the person on the phone was telling me to do. They stole money and i informed the police station about it.


It happened the same to me. Moneygram does not protect the consumer in any circumstance

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1092557

I think its bull *** that MoneyGram won't reimburse you after you having proof and photocopy, police report etc.; of a stolen money order with someone else's name they wont take responsibility.


anyone who was ripped off deservecs it. you should learn how to read reviews before using the service. its your own faults

to kuei Ferndale, Michigan, United States #1250501

You should probably learn to spell before badgering people you ***


Money Gram money orders are fraud! I purchased a $1000.00 money order for rent, then decided not to use it.

When I tried to get a refund, Money Gram said it would take 2-3 days to verify if the money order was valid. That means...it WASN'T valid when I purchased it. It could have been rejected by my landlord.

$1000.00 for a worthless piece of paper. NEVER EVER PURCHASE A MONEY GRAM MONEY ORDER.


They are a rip off! Beware DO NOT buy money order especially MoneyGram a store.


I understand what u r saying i have been going through this since the end of September over my lost money order. This is really upsetting to me, u should not have to set & waite worrying about your money that is still out there where someone can cash it if they find your money order. I will not purchase another money gram money oder again.

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