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My transaction 4741**** was stuck at "profile pending" I had to scan my driver's license for security reasons. I went through the process 3 times before getting a message that it takes 30 minutes to process and complete my profile.

After 3 hours I never received any email from moneygram. At that point I decided to call Customer Service. The agent told me I had to start the ID scan process over, this time using the website instead of the App. I followed his instuctions and completed the process again.

Then came the time to replace the receiver. The agent told me then that I will have to cancel the whole transaction and request a refund that will come without my fee...

This was an emergency situation that took forever.

I lost about 12 hours. I would have cancelled my original transaction within 30 minutes to avoid losing my $12.00 fee but because of some security/system issues it took about 12 hours to cancel the transaction.

I'm asking a Full refund ( including the fee) because it was not my fault if the process took more than 30 minutes to cancel my transaction...

Thank you,

Camille Bekoin

User's recommendation: The ID scan process shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, otherwise a full refund of the transaction fee needs to be automatically made to the customer....

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Is Moneygram that powerful and that rich that they can hold onto peoples money like they do? The customer service person sounded like she is from India, which customer service people from India are usually quite pleasant tried to steer the conversation to get me to get off of the telephone and still not get my money.

I hope that money gram goes out of business. What kid of work I do?

What am I spending the money on? Front line healthcare worker after 12 hours wasting time talking to a rude Moneygram customer service person asking the same questions over and over again.

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