I sent money to my mother in the Philippines on April 28 . According to MoneyGram the money was retrieved on April 28.

The people I talked to where extraordinary unhelpful.

They demanded that I take my phone off "speaker" so that my husband could not help me. I have difficulty hearing, so I could not understand the questions My husband attempted to correct my answers so that I gave the correct information, including my full name, the time I sent the money, where the money was to be received and other information.

I don't understand how my money could be lost. I have used this service over 100 times to send money to my mom over the last 10 years to the same business in the Philippines. I understand how the process is supposed to work.

When my mom picks up the money, she completes a carbon copy form that includes here name and her Philippines Identification No. She keeps the original and the business keeps the carbon copy. My mom DID NOT pick up this money. This business does not have a carbon copy for this translation.

My mom desperately needs this money to buy food.

It is unacceptable that MoneyGram made this mistake and hindered the investigation by being utterly uncooperative.

At this point, I suspect fraud on the part of Money gram and will take appropriate action. I demand that this situation be resolved immediately with compensation for my time and inconvenience.


Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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