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I needed to transfer what many would think is a substantial amount of money (five figures). It was a loan to help someone put a down payment on a car until they got paid. I've always used Western Union in the past. I thought the service charge was him for this transaction. I figured since Moneygram has a business relation with CVS they must be reputable. Wow, was I wrong! They were a nightmare to deal with.

The person asked personal questions that were irrelevant to the transaction. They got testy when I refused to answer. The first person hung up on me. Then Moneygram lost the transaction. I did the transaction at 9am. I spent five hours trying to solve the problem. Most of the five hours was spent on hold or speaking with people I couldn't understand.

When I called back Moneygram the first two people had horrible command of English. When I asked to speak to someone who speaks English they hung up on me. On the third call I was placed on hold for a half hour before I gave up and hung up.

I called CVS and asked for Moneygram's corporate number. It is not available online. The number CVS gave sent me back to the same place I was before. Fortunately this time the person's English was adequate, barely, but adequate. I only had to ask him to repeat himself several times.

When I hit complete frustration I asked for one of three things 1) to speak to his supervisor, 2) the number for corporate or 3) give me my money back. I was told his supervisor doesn't take calls, he couldn't give out the corporate number and no, I couldn't have my money back.

I never got a solution to Moneygram losing my money. It's a considerable amount. I've talked to my lawyer. He will handle the situation for me. He told me not to worry about fees. He's going to sue Moneygram for the fees and the frustration on top of the money lost.

And Moneygram, it's none of your business what my relationship is to the person receiving the money. It is also none of your business what the money is to be used for. It is also none of your business how long I've known he receiving person.

With all the time I spent on hold I did a search for Moneygram. I suggest anyone do the same before using them. I wish I had. I made the mistake of trusting a CVS business agreement. Aside from complaints like mine check out the articles on the DOJ's investigation of Moneygram. I would consider a $100M penalty from the DOJ significant.

I've learned the hard way you get what you pay for. Despite the expense I should have used WU first. Who knows when I'll get my money back.

AWastedDay wrote the review because of "every part of dealing with moneygram was inadequate" at Moneygram. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Moneygram to "i contacted a lawyer".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This happened to me twice in Oct and Nov this year 2015. I sent money to my daughter in a different state and twice they would not release the money telling her the sender needed to contact money gram.

When I called they said it is to protect the identity of the sender as someone with the same last my name as mine was flagged for fraud so they had to verify it was really me. I told them they need to come up with a better system upfront for validation and stop this madness. If I'm the sender then validate this against your supposable fraudulent information. Now the person waits in Wal-Mart for long periods and the sender; me waits on the phone trying to speak to a garbled non communicative person.

It all went to deaf ears.

I am cancelling my account and never using money gram again.

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