Money Gram provides cashiers checks to other institutions. Money Gram was a part of Wachovia. Wachovia was acquired by Wells Fargo.

Wells acquisition of Wachovia happened in 2008. They are still integrating Wachovia, one state at a time from east to west. Most recently Georgia. If branch is not in a state that completed the process branch cant access Money Gram cashiers check numbers in Wells own system - even though Wells owns money Gram thru Wachovia. Wells Fargo branches west of the Mississippi cant access money Gram cashiers checks even though the are a Wells Fargo product. Amazing !

I purchased a cashiers check through my bank for my daughter. The check was not accepted by her Wells branch in Los Angles on Wilshire Blvd. Check purchased on 5 Nov 2010, on 12 Nov 2010 she attempted to deposit the check. After waiting an hour it was returned to her - they couldn't access the check number. It was a money Gram cashiers check. Their own product. I cant believe this! This is incompetence. Lets hope they go under rapidly and spare customers the pain.

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I just ran into the same problem. They wasted a lot of my time too.

I called to make sure I could take the money gram to a branch in Long Beach, CA and they said yes. I get there. Wait in line for 20 minutes and get told they can't help me. Why tell me you can then change your mind.

It sounded like no one knew any guidelines on how to handle a money gram.

I called their customer service to verify and inform them that their branch doesn't have a clue on how to handle the situation, and the guy on the phone didn't know and couldn't find out either. Complete mess of a bank!


deal with it and move on with life. there are plently of ways around the problem, be smart about it. worry about finding a cure for cancer or something.

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