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Money-Gram Reward Complaint

Dated Jan /09/14

My name is Junius T. Thorne and I have doing business with Money-Gram for many years and up until I have been 100% happy with it service. I understand there are a lot of scammers and fraud around the world and the U.S. is probable hit the hardest with scammers and Fraudulent.

If the record was check I have sent Money-Gram many times to Benin Republic and to lady in the Ukraine she have been checked by the U.S. Embassy and found out to be the real person I have received a copy of her personal ID with her picture from her job. I have been working on a project from Benin Republic with the help of an Attorney. All have been verified by other agencies. I have travel the world and that don’t mean I know ever thing but I am very through when it come to my Money I am a retired Federal Worker and I work too hard to just throw it away.

My complaint is on the 31st of December 2013 my Attorney in Benin had left Benin Republic to do some work in Nigeria so in order for me to get the money to him by the 1st because he would not be back in Benin until the 4th of January and that would have been too late. He asks if I could send it to Nigeria and his account person would pick it up there. Anyway the lady that work at Wall Mart Money-Gram no matter where I would send money too she would tell she was surprise that Money-Gram had not put a Red Flag on my name for sending money to Nigeria I said Benin Republic is not Nigeria that is two different countries. The look her face she was upset when I said that. So I gave her the Money-Gram and my money she did something on the computer then she just pick up the phone and handed it to me, I said what is this she said I told you Money-Gram was going to Flag you from sending any money to Nigeria so lady at Money-Gram her English was a littler hard to understand I said what is this about she said the lady at the Money-Gram desk said I was ending money to someone in Nigeria but I could not tell her why that was a lie. So the lady from Money-Gram went on to explain to me about scammers and Fraud and they don’t want me to be taken and that is good. But I told her that I know this person she ask have I seen him I why. We send Money-Gram and Western Union here right in the U.S. we don’t know or even seen the person sometime. I pay my car note at one time with Money-Gram I had never seen those individuals. So please tell me if my name is on a Red Flag I need to know so maybe I can seek some kind of legal advice to clear this up. And what is the rule or the law do your company have the right to refuse a transfer that the customer have requested to send. Like I said I still need to send money to the Ukraine my lady is trying to come to the U.S. I would like a response ASAP

Sincerely Thank

Mr. Junius T. Thorne

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For how long will it take if money gram red flag someone's name.


When a person had sent money to a person n before and knows them but still cant send it it comes up declined it makes me mad as l trustrd money gram so when ltried to send some money to this person that l do know then l get really pissedcof and mad especially when l vant send the money any other way


Same thing today I was pissedvtodar at Walmart I picked up sent money back they declined it for no reason I goung she they *** today


Yes I need to get unflagged on my situation I have the receipts and I was suppose to get money from the sender and the day I was suppose to send it the next day. I need to get it removed from being flagged cuz I was planning on giving the money to my ex boyfriend

@Derek Logan

hi . what did you want us to do now ?


Can I still send money through money Gram as long as I don't use Walmart money gram I'm sending money to my family in South Africa


Hi my name is cory simmons from las vegas nv my mother send me $300.00 dollars from walmart to walmart money gram but they keep thinking its fraud when i haven't scam anyone dosen't make any sense i called them customer service is horrible don' t tell you why it's fraud just say its fraud and thats it why is fraud no one tells you can someone explains this to me being getting money gram for years now all sudden they keep rejecting my receive payments thats very unfair and crazy


I have been spending to MoneyGram and western union for 3 1/2 years. Completely I lost my money.

That real serious lots of money. I don’t understand why they said invest and purpose but I never see like that. I bet that they are scammers on me.

I real struggle and hard to get money back for long time. Damn


You can apply for western union Refunds or money gramRefunds from Michael Miles like I did. email michaelamiles.wumt@fastservice.com


Same husband gets paid from our businesses in different states and were red flagged.. Western union does the same thing too lol but send money to another country it goes right through. SMH ***


I also have a red flad because my fiance makes over $100,000 a year, and he works out of town and sends me bill money, its crazy.


Can we ever be untagged? I mean are we banned forever?


it happens to me only with money gram I will no longer use the to send money


I have seen a friend send money grams to Nigeria. I have informed her that it is a scam. She doesnt believe.


i have a friend who was sent money from a lady in Spain. Who Wanted her to send it to her friend in Nigeria.

which makes my friend the middle man.. this is Three Different People .with Three Different Transactions. what i want to know is . if my friend picked the money up will this cause her to get into trouble.

or would it be considered stealing the money and it coming in her name.

and also how would she find out if her name has been red flagged through money gram. can i get some advice / Truth from someone as to know what we can do


Junius, You have no lady in the Ukraine. You have probably learned this the hard way by now but the photo of your woman from her job and all the other documents and correspondence you received was fake.

It was a photo of someone else. The "Attorney" who you was working with was just a scammer. He was pretending to be your lady and an attorney and the attorney's friend but he was always a "He" never a she! Did you ever hear her voice?

No you didn't. The was no lady ever. I am sorry you have been trying to send your hard-earned money away but please wake up. The way I know all this is because this is a very common scam and the lady at the MoneyGram office at Wal-mart has heard it a million times and the details are almost always exactly the same.

I hope you will consider my words and take them to heart. Good luck.

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